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If you haven’t already, sign up and create a free affiliate account with ClickBank. They will pay you your commissions accurately on time, every time. You will receive your commissions by check on a bi-weekly basis. Stay with them longer and you’ll have a direct deposit available!

Step #2 Grab Your Affiliate Link!

Your affiliate link is

Simply replace CLICKBANKID with your ClickBank nickname.

If you would like to track where your sales have come from, simply add ?tid=XXXXX to the end of your affiliate link like so:

- where XXXXX is a alpha-numberic string to up 24 characters in length.

Step # 3 Grab Your Email Copy and Affiliate Tools

Enter Your Email And you will receive access to Email Copy to Send, and more marketing material.
You will not be sent spam or anything UN-related to Real Estate Flipping Secrets and Marketing Our Real Estate Products.
You will be notified of new launches we are holding and new products.


Step # 4 Promote!


Below you will find all tools you’ll need to get started. As a minimum requirement we recommend that you learn how cloak your affiliate link, how to set up a basic blog with WordPress and know a little about HTML to integrate the banners and graphics into your site.

I will be providing you will the HTML code to link the banners to your site and give you a simple video on how to put the banners into your site.   You will need to change a small piece of code in the banner and replace it with your click bank affiliate link.   Its simple to do.

I have Put all of the HTML code in a PDF File, where you can open it up and then copy and paste (ctrl-c) the code into your web site or blog.

Enter Your Email Above for more Banners and Affiliate Tools


You have full permission to use all the resources below and modify them as long as they are used to promote this site. With that said, happy promoting








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