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Re: You Creating Your Future

From: Christopher Seder

Dear Aspiring Real Estate Investor,

Right now there are real estate investors making thousands of dollars each month.  These real estate investors are flipping houses without their own money, without credit and some have Zero experience.  We are currently in the biggest housing crisis our country has ever seen.

I’m going to unveil some of the most closely guarded secrets the top real estate investors want to keep quite.  They are closely-guarded secrets that will revolutionize your beliefs about what is truly possible in the world of real estate investing.

Most investors using these secrets are making so much money they do not want any competition.    I am here to share with you real proven methods every day people are using to make $5,000, $10,000 and even $30,000 in less than a month.    I know beginning real estate investors making more money in one month than they had made in the past year.

The best part about it all is that you can get started with very little money.

By using the methods I am going to teach you, you will be able to blow your competition out of the water….amazing everyone who comes in your path.

I know what you thinking right now, you have probably heard it all.  Everyone is claiming to have the secret to real estate success.   A lot of these people know what they are doing and are viable options.   Heck I have spent over $10,000 educating myself on real estate investing.  Just last year I spend $3,000 on a real estate investing course that changed my life.

My name is Christopher Seder and I want to share with you some of the strategies I used to make $13,000 on my first real estate investing deal.

I started out in real estate investing in the summer of 2009, right after I had graduated from college and realized there were no jobs to be found.    I went to work for my father who has been doing real estate for 30 years now.   I worked as one of his handy men, fixing rentals and painting houses.

It was not the glamorous job I had planned on getting fresh out of college.

I had a goal; to learn what real estate investing was all about.   Even growing up with a father who had several rentals, and flipped several houses a year I didn’t even know what a mortgage was.

Yes, I knew nothing about real estate investing at all.  The most I had even done growing up was paint a rental or two during the summer.   What I did know was that real estate investing had put me and my sister through college and gave my family thousands of dollars in passive income every month.

I was so desperate to figure out the real estate investing game I read every book, took every course and went to every seminar I could.  I also studied my father and how he conducted business.   You can learn a lot from someone who has been flipping houses for 30 years.

I spent 6 months educating myself and learning from some of the best real estate investors.  Once I learned a few key secrets that most beginning investors never learn it super charged my success.

I learned things I could never have imagined.

Real Estate Investing was not as tricky as I thought. Once I learned how to flip a houses one time, I needed to create a way to do it again and again.

I Created a System For Flipping Houses


  • I taught myself how to find the best real estate deals in my area
  • I learned how to fund my real estate deals with no money of my own
  • I learned how to flip houses for quick cash
  • I learned how to generate passive Income
  • I learned how to do all of this working only a few hours each day


I Want to Share with You How to Generate Massive Amounts of Cash Flipping Houses !

Here are some Recent Real Estate Deals I Have Done

Would you agree that making a small investment to get thousands of dollars in profits is an intelligent decision?

I have Made $30,000 on a Single Real Estate Deal. As you can see from some of my real estate deals, there is money to be made in real estate.

The current recession and economic challenges in the U.S. right now, has created the best time in history to make money in real estate.   The window of opportunity is growing smaller every minute.

As you can see we may or may not be at the bottom.  Some areas in the U.S. are starting to see growth while others are still falling.

According to RealtyTrac, home repossessions will rise in 2011 from the record one million homes that were repossessed in 2010. There are five million homeowners who are at least two months behind on their mortgages, primarily due to job losses and declining home prices, which pushes more borrowers underwater.

Who is going to help these people?  I am, other investors are and You can too.

There is going to be a lot of people making Millions in the next few years, these people will be the action takers. There will also be 100 times as many people standing on the side-lines waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

You don’t want to be kicking yourself later in life for passing up on an opportunity to actually achieve financial freedom and start living the life that you only now dream about.

I want to Share a Statistic With You

If You took 100 People at the Start of their working Career and they work 40 years until retirement here’s what you get.


  • 1 – Wealthy
  • 4 – Financially Secure
  • 5 – Continue Working Because they Have to
  • 36 – Deceased
  • 54 – Broke, Dependent on Social Security, Family, Charity


5% Successful 95% Unsuccessful

If that does not kick you in the butt to start changing your life I don’t know what will.     When I heard that I knew that I wanted to change my life, become financially free and start living a healthier life.    That stat is from the Social Security Administration.

The absolute best way for you to become one of the 5%er’s is to start investing in real estate today.

Let me share with you your ticket to financial freedom.

Real Estate Flipping Secrets Course will enable anyone to make a significant, life changing income flipping houses for quick cash and generate residual income through real estate.  You do not need a lot of money to get started, No credit, and Zero Experience.

This easy to follow, step by step system for beginning and intermediate level investors gives you a proven method for investing in real estate in today’s market.   I am currently doing everything I talk about in this eBook.

Inside are the most-up-to date investing methods I use to create wealth, also several chapters wrote by My mentor, who has over 30 years experience flipping houses.

After you read the first few chapters in this eBook/course, you will be ahead of 97% of real estate investors out there.  You will be able to start finding the best deals in your area in no time.

You get everything I’ve used to generate thousands of dollars in profits from real estate deals over and over again.

Everything in this eBook/course was created from thousands of hours of hand-on investing.   You get to learn from Me and my mentor who has over 30 years of experience and has made some mistakes a long the way.


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If you are going to be successful in real estate investing here is what you need.

1. A desire to create wealth (you have to want it bad)

2. The ability to follow simple instructions

3. A proven system

That’s really all you need to be successful.  If you have the desire you will make it no matter what.

I want to make buying this course the biggest no brainer decision of your life.


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To Your Success,

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