Setting up Your Word Press Real Estate Investing Web Site

Here are your Videos on how to set up your Inexpensive Word Press Real Estate Investing Site.

The Videos are LOUD, so turn your volume down a bit.   I always hate when you can not hear videos at all so I made sure the volume was up on them, maybe a little too much.

These videos should help you set up your real estate investing web site, if there are any steps that I missed or left out, please email, your feed back is necessary to make sure all the steps work properly.   Do not email for simple questions that can be answered in the videos Or with a Quick Google Search.

If you would like to have us set up your word press site for you, Email   We charge $50, paid through pay pal.

Make Sure you Bookmark this page so you can come back to it.

Video 1: Buying Hosting and Domain Name

Video 2: Setting up Your Name Servers and Add-on Domain

Video 3: Setting Up Word Press

Video 4: Setting up Your Theme and Content

Ignore the First one minute of this video and just start by downloading the Word press Theme and Content,  I messed up and did a step out of order.

Word Press Theme

Click Here

Content Pack


Also Here are the Step by Step Instructions to set up the site in-case you get lost

Video 5: Setting up Your Forms

Video 6: Plug-in’s and Blogs

Headers for Your Site

Click here for Several FREE Headers You can Put on Your Site.


Make sure you have all the tools you need to view the training: Most computers now have them already installed but if you do not, download them here.

Download Here – You will need this to watch the videos.
Download Here – You will need this to open the files.
Download Here – You will need this to open the PDF resource files.
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